Galvanize Drives GRC Industry Transformation with Machine Learning for Governance Professionals in the HighBond Platform

Vancouver, Canada, June 11, 2019Galvanize, the global leader in SaaS GRC software, today announced its latest feature release for the HighBond platform. Long differentiated by mature data automation capabilities, HighBond now offers the world’s only GRC platform with integrated machine learning designed specifically for GRC professionals.

Machine learning has transformative value as part of the GRC software platform. For example, when doing automated monitoring of indicators of issues related to fraud, security, etc., organizations struggle with large volumes of false positives that require time-intensive review. HighBond’s machine learning reduces the manual work and friction with the business by learning from historical data, getting smarter over time, and automatically reducing false positives, while escalating the truly worrying risk indicators.

In addition to new machine learning functionality, this recent HighBond release also brings extended capabilities for managing internal and IT controls in large enterprises, extensive usability improvements, and deep integration of the Rsam IT GRC platform and its various modules.

“A daily reality shared by GRC professionals is the burden of processes, documentation, and non-strategic work, often done in spreadsheets or shared drives,” says Shahed Khalili, VP of Product at Galvanize. “Most credible software products can reduce this burden if they’re well-adopted. What makes HighBond different is that our customers love using the platform—so adoption is easy. And they quickly see the benefits of coming to the management table armed with insights from software powered by machine learning. By continuously integrating data from across the entire enterprise, learning over time, and automatically surfacing only what legitimately needs action, our customer goes from nagging oversight to sought-after business partner.”

The HighBond platform offers governance professionals an out-of-the-box solution for common GRC program needs, including fraud management, third-party risk management, IT risk and compliance, audit management, and internal controls. It provides a clear, simple path for expanding the platform into new use cases as organizations grow toward a fully mature, integrated GRC program. The platform is fundamentally less costly to own, easier to deploy, faster to adopt for entire teams, and much more powerful in driving actionable, executive risk insights thanks to its intuitive design, built-in best practices, and completely unique robotic process automation, data analysis, and machine learning capabilities.

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Galvanize, a Diligent brand, is the leading provider of award-winning, cloud-based security, risk management, compliance, and audit software for some of the world’s largest organizations. The integrated HighBond platform provides visibility into risk, makes it easy to demonstrate compliance, and helps grow audit, risk, and compliance programs without incurring extra costs. More than 6,300 organizations in 130 countries rely on HighBond to meet their objectives, including many Fortune 1000 and S&P 500 companies, hundreds of banks, manufacturers, and healthcare and government organizations. Whether managing threats, assessing risk, measuring controls, monitoring compliance, or expanding assurance coverage, HighBond automates manual tasks, blends organization-wide data, and broadcasts it in easy-to-share dashboards and reports.

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